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About Becoming a Supportive Roommate

McMan Calgary & Area serves youth who need additional support to live independently due to a lack of skills and a lack of supportive relationships. We match youth with supportive roommates who can provide a caring and nurturing home environment to help address the youth’s basic needs.

Who can be a Supportive Roommate?

Supportive Roommates are individuals, couples or families that are willing to commit their time and homes to a youth in need. Our Supportive Roommates come from all socio-economic, genders, cultural and spiritual backgrounds.

What do Supportive Roommates provide for youth in need?

In addition to a caring and nurturing home, Supportive Roommates provide the youth with one to one support for:

  • Cooking, cleaning and other household chores
  • Shopping and budgeting
  • Personal hygiene
  • Attending appointments
  • Accessing extra-curricular activities
  • Building and maintaining connections with family, friends and community

How does McMan support Supportive Roommates?

We work collaboratively with Supportive Roommates to holistically address the needs of the youth. We provide the following resources:

  • Training to increase skills and confidence required to create a safe and caring home environment.
  • Financial support
  • 24 hour on call support

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