Collaborative Outreach Preventing Exploitation (COPE) Program

Supporting youth at risk of sexual exploitation

About COPE

The Collaborative Outreach Preventing Exploitation (COPE) Program supports youth aged 12 -24, who are at risk of, or engaged in sexual exploitation within Calgary and surrounding areas.

This voluntary program helps youth and their families reduce the risks of sexual exploitation in the community and online.

We support youth and their families to:

  • Learn strategies to increase personal safety
  • Build and maintain healthy relationships
  • Make informed choices about their care and plan for the future
  • Navigate education, counselling and related resources
  • Access supports and referrals available through community resources
  • Increase the youth’s self-efficacy and independence.

COPE also provides education and awareness building in various community settings.  Our Community Education Series helps organizations and communities learn more about sexual exploitation, healthy relationships and personal safety.

COPE is funded by the Government of Alberta and Not In My City.

Contact Us

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Sexual Exploitation 101February 22, 2023, from 6-8 pm

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Online Safety Resources

Parents & Caregivers

For Kids 

  • Net Smartz– An interactive and educational program that helps teach children safe online practices
  • Zoe & Molly– An interactive game with educational information

For Youth

  • Need Help Now– Provides information for youth about managing online issues, as well as steps to take to request an image or video be removed from a website
  • Don’t Get Sextorted– Educates tweens and teens about what sextortion is, how it can happen, and a unique way to prevent it

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