Become a Therapeutic Foster Parent

Providing care and support for youth with unique needs

Becoming a Therapeutic Foster Parent

Some children need extra care and support due to complex trauma. Therapeutic Foster Parents are specially trained to address their unique needs.

The Therapeutic Foster Care program provides care for eight youth that range in age from 13 to 17 years and come from diverse cultures and backgrounds. They require stable, structured and highly skilled caregivers to help them thrive.

The goal for these youth is for them to successfully transition to parental or extended family care or to independence.

Who can become a Therapeutic Foster Parent?

An individual, or couple, over the age of 18 who:

  • Have experience providing care for high risk youth
  • Have strong relational skills, particularly with youth
  • Are available and capable of providing, quality supervision and care as needed
  • Possess a stable income
  • Have a flexible schedule that supports the needs of the youth and the program
  • Are committed to ongoing professional training provided through the program

What Supports do Therapeutic Foster Parents Receive?

We provide Therapeutic Foster Parents with:

  • Ongoing professional training
  • Weekly Individualized support and coaching
  • Collaboration with a highly skilled team of professionals
  • Access to clinical support
  • A tax-free per diem to supplement the costs of caring for the youth
  • Paid relief care
  • After hours emergency on-call support
  • Appreciation events

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Meet Your Therapeutic Foster Care Team

Joining Our Team at a Glance


The child-to-caregiver ratio is smaller than in traditional foster care, meaning that caregivers and specialists have more availability for each child.

Additionally, there is increased support for caregivers, including…

  • Compensation including daily skill fee and child maintenance, and paid wellness breaks
  • In-depth paid training
  • In-home support with Family Specialist
  • Valued member of the Therapeutic Team
  • Compensation
  • Peer support and support groups
  • 24/7 on-call support
  • Cultural and clinical consultation


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