What We Do

It’s how we do what we do that makes McMan so special.

Our Approach

Connection and belonging – it’s a fundamental human need and critical to not only our emotional and mental well-being but our long-term physical health too. At McMan we don’t just provide professional supports and resources, we work with children, youth and families to ensure they have a strong network of family, friends and community around them.

Regardless of an individual’s history or background, our skilled staff strive to see the whole person, to build on their unique strengths, and collaborate with the people who are willing to stand beside them in small or big ways.


Evidence-Based & Principle Driven

McMan Calgary & Area’s programs and services adhere to evidence-based models. We have embedded the principles from the Natural Supports Framework and Trauma Informed Practice into every component of our service delivery.


Accredited by CARF Canada

To give families and youth the opportunity to have voice and choice in decisions that affect their lives.

Strength Based

We believe that every individual has value and unique strengths that if identified and encouraged will impact optimal success for their future.


Our approach is to collaborate and build respectful relationships with families, community agencies and stakeholders. We strive to provide effective and timely services with a focus on one integrated plan.


We believe that families and youth should be provided services designed to meet their individual needs. All services and supports should be tailored with respect to the unique culture of the youth and families, including race, ethnicity, habits, preferences and beliefs.


We encourage and support youth and families to maintain relationships that are important to them. We strive to reconnect and build natural supports that encourage an individual’s sense of belonging. This is also practiced by connecting families and youth to the communities in which they live.

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