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About Journeys

The Journeys Program is for women aged 16 + who are experiencing addiction, recovering from addiction or working to maintain sobriety and live in Calgary or surrounding areas. Journeys focuses on empowering a network of family and friends committed to supporting the recovery process.

The Journeys Program is comprised of three independent service areas:

  1. Individual & Group Facilitated Services
  2. Family & Friends Addiction Educational Series
  3. Collaborative Partnership with Aventa

Individual & Group Facilitated Services

These services are for women aged 16+ who want a customized plan to support recovery and strengthen their support network.

Through a facilitated process, participants will:

  • Create a recovery plan that leverages their strengths and support network
  • Strengthen existing treatment and recovery goals
  • Build healthier relationships with family and friends committed to supporting recovery
  • Access additional community resources

The unique facilitated process ranges from a few sessions to six months depending on need and goals of participants. Professional or self-referrals are accepted.

Addiction Educational Series for Family & Friends

A four-part series designed to increase the knowledge, skills and connections of family and friends supporting a loved one with an addiction.

Collaborative Partnership with Aventa

The Journey’s program also has an innovative partnership with Aventa Centre for Excellence for Women with Addictions,  designed to increase successful completion of treatment and prevent relapse.

Through the combined expertise of both McMan and Aventa, the Journeys program addresses the immediate needs of women who require support with their addictions pre, during and post-treatment.

To enroll, individuals must first apply for treatment services at Aventa.

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Upcoming Workshops for Women with Addictions

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Addiction Educational Series for Family & Friends

The two-part series will help anyone who cares about an individual struggling with addiction or is in recovery by:

  • Increasing their understanding of the complexities of addiction, including the root causes of addiction
  • Learning how to set realistic expectations for change and recovery
  • Setting healthy boundaries and ensuring self-care is prioritized
  • Connecting with other individuals who are on a similar journey with their loved ones

There is no cost to attend. Dinner will be provided for all participants.

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