Supporting Kinship Families.

About Kinnections

The Kinnections Kinship Program serves children and youth, 0 to 17 years old, who have been placed by in the care of a family member, family friend or a community member by Children Services. The program ensures the Kinship Caregiver has the resources and services needed to support the child or youth, while maintaining connection to their family, culture and community.

Kinship caregivers are extended family members or people who have a significant connection to the child – for example, a grandparent, aunt or close family friend. We work with caregivers and the child or youth in care to:

  • Strengthen caregiver skills and capacity
  • Ensure healthy child development
  • Access community resources and services
  • Strengthen their connections and support networks
  • Navigate Children Services’ processes including guardianship, permanency, and adoption

This program is funded by the Government of Alberta and offered in partnership with Hull Family Services.

A referral from Children’s Services is required to join this program. For additional information about the program please contact:

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