Parent-Child Assistance Program (P-CAP)

Helping women develop healthy relationships and access resources

About P-CAP

The Parent-Child Assistance Program (P-CAP) is a 3-year home visitation program that offers individualized support for individuals who:

  • Are pregnant or have given birth in the past six months
  • Used drugs and/or alcohol during pregnancy
  • Live in Calgary or surrounding areas, Willow Creek, Vulcan, or within the Municipal District of the Foothills

P-CAP helps individuals to:

  • Learn strategies to address drug and alcohol use
  • Access community resources such as healthcare, housing and legal supports
  • Build healthy relationships with their families, friends and community
  • Prevent future births impacted by drug or alcohol use

Referrals for P-CAP may come from Children Service’s caseworkers, professional or a self-referral.

P-CAP is funded by CFAN.

Contact Us

For more information about P-CAP, contact us at:

Program Referral Instructions

Please complete the form below, or download the form and send the completed document to:

Referral Form

Referral Source


(incl. Target child whether or not born):

Eligibility for Enrolment

(Client must meet all three conditions to be enrolled).

Pregnancy Status:
Postpartum Status:

Self-Report of Alcohol or Drug Use During Pregnancy


Prenatal Care

(name of clinic/physician)
(ie. prenatal care in jail, high risk pregnancy)

Natural Supports Involvement

(ie. family, friends, etc.)
(ie. prenatal care in jail, high risk pregnancy)

Involvement with Community Services During Pregnancy

(ie. family, friends, etc.)
(ie. Physical/verbal aggressive behaviour, current drug/alcohol use, mental health concerns etc…)


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