Help End Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Did you know human trafficking for sexual exploitation is one of the fastest growing crimes nationally and globally and is the second largest source of illegal income worldwide? In Canada, 26 per cent of trafficking victims are under the age of 18. While making up only 4 per cent of the country’s population, 50 per cent of Canada’s trafficking victims are Indigenous people.

At McMan, we serve on the frontline of prevention and intervention of human trafficking for sexual exploitation. Our PSECA program supports youth aged 12 -24, who are at risk of, or engaged in sexual exploitation within Calgary and surrounding areas.

McMan Calgary & Area is proud to be a key partner of #NotInMyCity. #NotInMyCity has launched an e-learning course to raise awareness of human trafficking and encourage collective action against it.

The e-learning course takes approximately 30 minutes to complete and is available at This course will help you learn more about:

  • The incidence of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in Canada;
  • Who is affected by sexual exploitation and human trafficking;
  • What sexual exploitation and human trafficking looks like, including warning signs; and
  • What you can do about it!

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