McMan’s Career Development Program

Investing in People, Aspiring to Excellence

Joining the Program

Step 1. Confirm the Following Eligibility Criteria
  1. You have been with McMan for at least six months and are in a permanent position
  2. Your supervisor and/or manager have not identified any performance improvement concerns during supervisions
  3. You have an idea of the leadership skills or career development goals you would like a coach to help you with
Step 2. Sign Up for a Career Coach 

Career Coaching is designed to put staff in charge of their own development, so those who sign up for a Career Coach are referred to as Career Owners.

Staff may request to be paired with any of the trained Career Coaches, you will be required to pick your top three choices for a career coach.

  • Because direct managers/supervisors are primarily concerned with staff’s performance in their current role, it is beneficial to have someone else work with a Career Owner to help them navigate their career, broaden their experience, and learn new skills. Having someone other than a direct manger or supervisor act as a Career Coach eliminates any potential conflicts of interest, or perceived conflicts of interest.
  • Since Career Coaching is a time-consuming commitment, each Career Coach will coach a small number of Career Owners (2 max).

If you are interested in being a Career Owner and working with a Career Coach, please apply on the Career Coaches page.  After you apply, Human Resources will inform you of your Career Coach assignment.

Step 3: Create a Personal Development Plan

At the start of the coaching relationship, Career Owners will have multiple career development discussions to identify strengths, development needs, career objectives, and create development activities designed to help them achieve their career objectives.

From these discussions a career owner and their career coach will create a Personal Development Plan (PDP), which will identify career development activities and the support required from the coach, and their manager, to meet their goals.

Before the implementation of the activities on the PDP begins the Career owners will share their PDP with their manager to help integrate development activities within work responsibilities. If a manager and career owner are unable to agree on how to integrate development activities, they should consult with Human Resources together.

Step 4: Engage in Regular Career Development Discussions with Your Coach

To help a Career Owner work towards the goals of their Personal Development Plan, they will engage in regular discussions with their Career Coach. Ideally, these career development discussions will occur quarterly, but may be more or less frequent depending on the Career Owner’s need and Career Coach’s time constraints. Career development discussions will be held at least twice a year.

Step 5: Nomination to the Leadership Development Committee

A career owners PDP can be forwarded to the Leadership Development Committee by a career coach or leader when they believe the career owner is ready to be added to the succession pipeline (most or all of the PDP will have been completed).

When the committee receives a career owners PDP it is reviewed by the committee members, the coach and the career owner’s supervisor or manger. The purpose of the review is to discuss the strengths of the career owner, possible competency gaps, how they are doing with the Leadership competencies established for the program, any suggested changes or additions to the PDP and lastly how the committee can support the career owner to achieve the goals they have set.

Based on this discussion the career owner can be made part of the succession pipeline or may be asked to work a little more on established goals. Regardless, all career owners will be provided feedback using the Succession Candidate Feedback form, which highlights their strengths, areas for improvement and suggestions for supports that the committee or other staff members may provide to support developmental goals.

Step 6: Apply for Leadership Roles

Once a career owner has been added to the pipeline they are eligible to apply for a Leadership role

When a key leadership position opens, those who are currently in a Leadership role that are interested in the position and those who are in the Leadership Development Program pipeline will be considered.

The Leadership Development Committee will review all those who are currently in the pipeline and appear most prepared to take on a key leadership position.

The committee will then present 2 or 3 potential candidates for consideration. The manager, or director, responsible will interview the potential candidates, including any current leadership that may have applied for the posting, to decide on who they believe is most ready of the candidates for the position.

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